Getting Started

What to do? It’s simple. Rest assured that with over 25 years of combined experience as licensed Public Adjusters we have the expertise to assess the damages to your home or business and follow your claim every step of the way.




First we will assess your damages and review if you have proper coverage.



We will then enter into a written agreement allowing us to represent you.



Next we will contact the insurance company on your behalf and report the loss to begin the claim process.



After careful and in-depth analysis, we will prepare an estimate of the damages that will help us determine the maximum compensation you are entitled to.

Claim Process



We will set up an inspection with your insurance company’s field adjuster to examine the property and at that time present our estimate with supporting documentation.



Once we receive the carriers response we will carefully analyze the field adjusters estimate in order to confirm if the claim was properly paid



If the claim was not properly paid, we will negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance company to guarantee a successful conclusion of the claim.



We will collect the proper payment you rightfully deserve. After you get paid, we get paid. It’s that simple.

Helpful Tips

camraTake pictures

Make sure you take pictures before making any necessary repairs or changes. Your adjuster will need these to document your claim properly.

preventPrevent further damage

To prevent further property damage try making temporary repairs wherever possible. If necessary, remove wet carpet from your home to prevent mold. Make sure to keep at least a 2ft x 2ft sample of the carpet and pad so your claim adjuster can use it to secure a proper settlement.

noteKeep original receipts

You might need to spend some money in order to make temporary or emergency repairs. Your adjuster will need these receipts to support your claim properly.

likeConsult with us ALWAYS!

Don’t throw away any damaged belongings such as broken pipes, furniture or personal items. Make sure you have consulted with your assigned Barba Public Adjuster before doing so.

Free Consultation

One simple call and Barba Public Adjusters did the rest. If I had three words to describe them they would be experienced, realistic and satisfying.
Lilian Rodriguez-Pruna, Miami, Fl
I had never used the services of a Public Adjuster and now wish I had sooner. Not enough consumers know their rights and that is why representation by a Public Adjuster is necessary to deal with disasters. I want to thank you for the professional manner in which you represented us and handled our claim. We were so enlightened upon contacting your office but the results are above and beyond our expectations! The best decision we have made regarding our property claim.
Albert Pena, Miami Lakes, FL
This is to congratulate you and commend you on a ‘job superbly done’. Last year, I was faced with a very challenging situation involving Water Damage/Property Loss insurance claim. Having not had prior experience in similar case, I contacted my insurance company for compensation; the amount offered to me was poorly justified and totally unfair. But having a very busy life style and spending most of my hours at work or traveling for business, I barely could afford any time to attend personal matters. Having no one to turn to for advice and when I was just about to give up from despair and frustration and accept what the insurance had to offer me,‘Barba Public Adjusters’ came to my life. Although I lived out of town, it felt like I was there to defend my case. You have always been only a phone call, text or email away and this means a lot to me! You presented my claim with the insurance company like it was your own. I was indeed reimbursed with an amount fair and sufficient to cover repairs and/or replacements costs. I will always be thankful for your interest, guidance, and care that goes far and above the usual business-client relationship.
Helen Fronimakis, Lague City, Texas
We thank you for your prompt and professional service to us. Without your assistance we wouldn’t have gotten our insurance company to pay for the damages to our home. We will certainly use your services again if the need arises and will recommend you to our families, friends and neighbors. Keep up the good work and God bless you.
Mr. and Mrs. Betancourt, Miami, FL
With your assistance and diligence we were able to get our house repaired as needed. The original offer from the insurance company came in well below what was needed to repair all the damage caused by the waterline break, after your involvement, the final offer came in over 9 times what was originally offered. It was a pleasure working with you and wanted to thank you personally for all your help and guidance through these very difficult and stressful times.
Luis Munoz, Miami, FL